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Admission Policy

The kindergarten (pre-school) admission usually involves an interview with a psychologist. This is organized to help us to see the child’s personal specifications in the character. The same is done at school for further stages combined with our efforts to see whether he is ready to start studying in case he has applied for being admitted to Grade 1. The admission to Grades 2-11 involves evaluating the student’s academic achievements in Russian, English and Maths.

Our kindergarten offers full-time groups for children aged 1,5-6. The language of instruction is Russian, except the linguistic group where teachers speak English to children.

In Grades 1-4 the language of instruction is Russian. Starting from Grade 5 each grade level has both a Russian and an English class with Russian and English as the language of instruction respectively. All classes study Russian according to the Federal State Education Standard (FSES), or as a foreign language for non-Russian speakers, if parents require so.  We enroll children regardless of their nationality or creed.

There is non-recurrent admission fee and regular tuition fee. The latter covers:

- School hours lasting from 8a.m. to 20 p.m.

- Main education program (FSES), advanced levels in foreign languages, Russian literature, Maths (Peterson L.G.)

- Extracurricular activities

- Classes with speech therapist and resource teacher

- Meals four times a day

- Afternoon naps (kindergarten and Grade 1) in bedrooms

- Stationery (Grade 1- 4)

- Educational resources (textbooks, workbooks etc.)

- Daily outside recess (Kindergarten – Grade 6)

- Medical care and regular check-ups

- School field trips (Moscow and Moscow region, one-day excursions)



For admission-related questions: +7 (985) 795-42-73



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