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Extracurricular activities

We recognize that children spend most of their time at school. Our goal is to make this time as enjoyable and worthwhile for every student as possible.

To this end, European Gymnasium offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and electives such as music (piano, guitar, flute and choir), art (painting and pottery), languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese), sports (chess, football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis and martial arts) and drama.

Students are also involved in personal and community projects; participate in workshops and student conferences; go hiking; take part in theater and film work; visit museums, galleries and exhibitions; set up debate clubs; contribute articles to the school newspaper.



Master class as part of the project "Us and others": our students painted portraits of extraordinary people who not only weren't ethnic Russians but were not Slavic at all, for example Isaak Levithan, Victor Tsoy, Theothan the Greek and others. The gallery of these portraits now decorate the hall of the school.








Country trips at the beginning of the Fall is a proud tradition of the European Gymnasium. Students, teachers, principles, psychologists, security guards - well, really everyone - head to the forest where they talk around the bonfire, play football, pass various challenges and participate in games in the open.


















How to rekindle interest in science after a long vacation? We invite you to the mobile science laboratory of the Polytechnic Museum. In September of 2014 its employees taught our pupils how to conduct a series of experiments: the kids prepared ice-cream with nitrogen, mastered the glassblowing techniques, melted lead and learned how to cut out  the gallbladder on a special simulator.








Шахматная студия

Even though chess is not part of a mandatory curriculum,  our master teaches students to play at the highest level. He has prepared a detailed study plan which will allow a student to start at the beginner's level and progress to advanced chess-playing. Those who show exceptional progress are then invited to participate at chess tournaments.

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