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IB Primary Years Programme


In Primary Years (from 3 to 11) European Gymnasium offers the national curriculum integrated with the IB Primary Years Programme (authorized in January 2009) which aims to develop students’ enduring understanding and knowledge, skills and attitudes and to motivate them to play an active role in- and outside the school and become life-long learners.

The teaching in the scopes of the PYP starts in Junior kindergarten class of the European Gymnasium. Meanwhile, the pupils who join European Gymnasium onwards (e.g. in the first grade of the elementary school or in some further year), easily get adapted to the specifications of the programme and perceive it on the same level as the graduates of our kindergarten do.

The most important feature of the PYP is the inquiry-based teaching and learning organized by 6 transdisciplinary themes which have global significance – Who We Are, Where We Are in Time And Place, How We Express Ourselves, How the World Works, How We Organize Ourselves, Sharing the Planet. Each theme provides students an opportunity to explore the world, developing their perception of the interrelations between and beyond different disciplines. Find our school’s Programme of Inquiry here.

Student led conferences held at European Gymnasium twice a year motivate the PYP students to take the responsibility for their learning, analyze their weaknesses and strengths, evaluate the process and represent the results to their parents, as well as to plan further steps together.

The assessment in the PYP is based on criteria. The wide range of assessment strategies and tools help teachers to collect information about the students’ learning and plan their teaching accordingly.

The culmination of the Programme is the PYP Exhibition – the significant event in the end of the Primary school. During their own collaboratively organized, conducted and presented inquiry students demonstrate all the essential elements of the Programme they have been developing throughout the engagement with the PYP.

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