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10 reasons why to choose us

  • European Gymnasium have been in education for over 20 years. This stands for the working experience and reputation which we are proud of, as well as for the school traditions which make our life more vibrant.
  • What we have been doing for all these years only a few schools do in or outside Russia: we combine the State curriculum with not one or two, but three programs of International Baccalaureate starting at the age of three (our kindergarten) till the graduation from the high school.
  • Our students’ results in the Unified State Examinations and DP final examinations are traditionally higher than the average.
  • Our graduates have the opportunity to enter the majority of the world's leading universities and colleges simply by taking their IB exams in European Gymnasium in Moscow.
  • We value the work experience of our staff. Moreover, we value it when a teacher becomes capable to help students to love the subject, empowers them, respects them and is aware of the students’ opinion.
  • All the staff has higher education, most of them have IB qualification certificates, some are IB examiners and consultants.
  • An outstanding trait for the school is the foreign languages. Our students have the opportunity to receive a Cambridge examination certificate. Starting from grade 5 we offer education in English. Besides, the gymnasium has 4 second foreign language courses: French, German, Spanish and Chinese.
  • We have built our school life based on the following principles: critical thinking, dialogue, tolerance, curiosity and empathy.
  • We have developed an extracurricular activity program which included both sports, arts and intellectual development courses. Moreover, we constantly think what else to include to make it more interesting.
  • We believe that learning should be both exciting and accommodated with our students’ needs. The school and kindergarten were specifically built for these purposes and offer excellent facilities for studying and resting. One more factor that is worth mentioning is that the gymnasium is located near Sokolniki and Losiny Ostrov, two largest parks in Moscow.
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