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Our teachers

The most important asset that a school may possess is its teaching staff because students spend most of their time with them. They are responsible for the atmosphere of respect and collaboration in class, and help children to become life-long learners. A good teacher remains with a student for years; a good teacher fosters knowledge as well as the student profile. This all is closely considered when we take new staff members.

All our teachers have higher education and are accomplished professionals. Among them there are 5 PhD-holders, 13 educators of higher category, 1 teacher with distinction in National Education, scholars, authors of textbooks and other educational resources, IB examiners and consultants, and native foreign language speakers.

A significant part of our staff is expert users of English at a level which allows them to teach special subjects in English. The quality of teaching in European Gymnasium is regularly assessed and evaluated by a team of independent experts. Our teachers offer "open class" days for their colleagues' peer observation. They actively participate in professional development activities, such as online courses, seminars and conferences in the latest pedagogical and information technologies in Russia and abroad. They are ready to share their knowledge and experience in seminars and round tables organized by European Gymnasium for heads of schools and educators, as well as participate in the IB conferences.

Our teachers also play against students on the football pitch, go on field trips and travel around the world - whether it's an expedition to the woods, Spanish course in Mexico, or a trip for Siberian pelmeni to Khanty-Mansyisk!

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